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Let us have a moment of silence for the ramen noodle guy

Bye Louisiana

we're leaving tomorrow


I've gone so long without doing color that I just can't do it anymore.
Oh, and for you sciency people, this is just a hypothesis in which little research has been done at this point.

Okay, so I was thinking the other day about God and the existance of God. God could've possibly been created by man through belief. in other words, God exists because we believe he exists. Don't misunderstand this, I'm not saying God isn't real, I'm saying that maybe we created God because we believe in him. I don't think this is a bad thing. Yea, it'd mean that some ideas of God would be wrong if we created him istead of him creating us, but hey, creation and stuff is all in the past, so let's think about the present.

Okay, think about this. God does not have a physical form like you and me. God is in everybody and everything. We all have brains. Brains use electrical impulses created by neurons to communicate. Electricity is a naturally occuring thing that is everywhere. Okay, now how do I put this without saying God is electricity? hmm... Okay, when we think, electrical impulses are sent around. from transmitter to transmitter in our brains. believing in God, thinking about God, praying to God, whatevering God all requires the electrical impulses in our brains. So my idea is that God is created by our thoughts. The only problem is, where are the receptors? See, I have some ideasish things about this too. We haven't discovered them yet. That's it.

And what if God isn't God as we know him, but instead the underlying force that is life and the thought process and stuff ( warned you about the stuff). And God is everything, and everything is God. Holy crap! I think I just trancended into the whole Hinduism god thing. Well, not quite. I think that one sentence is a bit misleading. I don't really mean god is everything in the sense that god is physically everything, but instead that in our thoughts, god is everything as we percieve god. So yea, I'm still not to that whole Hinduist idea of god and everything as one, but I'm almost there I think... not that I'm making that a goal, I'm just trying to think this through and find it all out for myself.

Got a Special Post Card in the Mail!

we have a new sex offender in our neighborhood! That brings us up to 4! I wonder if we get some kind of award or something. Seems like we should.

Bacterial penguins!


cotousy of your neighborhood intelligent designer


Well, I finsiehd painting Mary's Christmas gift. It's a picture of her! So egotistic Mary will love it. No, she'll actually probably hate it because it's not the best representation of her. No, she'll like it because I made it. Oh, I don't know. Nevermind.

It seems unreal that I'll be back to school in a week. Where did my vacation go? Wasn't I supposed to have a vacation, or did I not get the memo that said it was cancelled?

I feel like I haven't had a break.

Our washer broke yesterday, but we'll have one (hopefully) by tomorrow. It WAS supposed to be here today, but it's not.

I have one of those painful zits forming on the side of my nose. my skin looks crappy. crappy skin. crappy crappy skin. bad skin. ew.

I got a new haircut... actually, it's the third or fourth haircut I had since I've been home. I'm like that woman from Edward Scissorhands who gets like six haircuts throughout the movie.

I'm so tired. I just have no energy, and I think Kim's upset with me again because I haven't called her. I don't have the energy for that. I called Kristine a couple of times, I've called Kim a couple of time... and well, that's about it. I should have called Lisa. I should have called Renee. I should have called my friends here in Louisiana. But did I? no. I just don't have the energy for it anymore. I feel old. I'm starting to look old. My skin is all nasty.

I want to go to Disney World. We should all go to Disney World this semester. Let's actually do it this time, okay. We really should do it this time.


I have cramps in my hands from playing mario 3 all day.

I still didn't beat it. World 7 sucks.

WARNING! video killed the radio star

Just some videos for your enjoyment
and then there's... uh... this

And what is this guy talking about? either way, it's a cool looking video
I'm thinking this last one can be "explained" or maybe responded to is better by what Kristine and I were talking about. It's one of those inductive and deductive/ top dpwn, bottom up things. Evolution, for this case is the top down part, and this bacterial [penguin] flagellum is bottom up, and it just might possibly be one of those things where the two haven't met up yet, but then again, what do I know because I'm no scientist. It could also be the "platypus complex" that I was talkinga bout with her today, where humans NEED to name and categorize everything, but not everything fits nicely into a category. And also, in evolutionary theory, wheren't bacteria like the first organisms to exist? and did they have flagella or not? and if so, then they wouldn't have needed to evolve a flagellum, and if not, then isn't bacteria gaining flagella proof to support evolution? I am majorly confused.